WALK Newsletter #11 – November 24th, 2021

W – Wow: WAT! 25 Challenge Participation Update

Thankful! Last week, we talked about the many things we were thankful for: county agents and educators, the Extension Service, County Commissioners Courts and YOU! We also asked for reasons why you are thankful this year. Here were some of the submissions: 

“My family, friends, and my work family. These people inspire me to do my best and are always there when I need them!!”

“I am thankful for the opportunity WAT! provides me with to maintain and improve my health within a supportive community.”

 “I am thankful for my health of myself and my family.  Thank you WAT! for getting my whole family out walking together! It was great to do this as a family.”

 “My family remaining healthy, happy and resilient amongst all the challenges of the year.”  

 “My teammates and a chance to celebrate some holiday fun.”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts this week. We treasured reading all the submissions and seeing consistent themes that emerged. We challenge you this week to show appreciation to the people most important to you. Maybe give a special shout out or check in with your fellow WAT! team members! 

Again, we would like to thank all of you – our amazing League Commissioners, Team Captains and Team Members! We know that it takes time to plan and participate in WAT!, so we thank you for your dedication. Without your passion and support, our work would not be possible. Because, together, we can take action toward our goal of a more active Texas! 

Speaking of us being more active, let’s check in on miles! In the WAT! Adult program, we have 712,546.2 miles with 4,582 participants on 773 teams across 100 leagues and 102 counties. In the WAT! Youth program, we have 53,810.92 miles with 4,639 participants on 116 teams across 24 leagues and 35 counties!!

Congratulations to the winners of the random drawing from those who submitted a reason to be thankful this past week:

WAT! Adult – Mini Challenge #10 Winners



Team Name


Kathy G.

RRSP Pacecetters1


Minnie R.

Team Godzilla


Patricia B.

Mind Over Miles


Karen V.

Dr Wilhelm Keidel DRT

San Patricio

Thomas P.

One Old Man


Deyanira M.

DREAMERS/Health District


Paul P.

EXTreme Speed


Jackie S.

Sunshine Walkers


Jennifer W.

Dream Team


Rebecca J.

The Shin Splints

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle drawing for the wrap up mini challenge this past week: 

WAT! Adult – Wrap Up #3 Winners



Team Name



The Counties Best!


Chris P.

HARTA Team 4


Bernice S.


Live Oak

Charles C.



Elizabeth M.

The Motley Crew

All Winners – be on the lookout for an email about how to claim your prize! 

Be sure to check out our previous WALK newsletters to see if you or a team member has won: https://walkacrosstexas.org/news

A - Action: Mini Challenge #11:

WAT! Adult – Mini Challenge #11: With all the festivities occurring this upcoming week, it might be hard to find time to be active. For our eleventh mini challenge, we are once again going to try to make this week our best week yet! Remember, the WAT! Adult program is a marathon, not a sprint. If you feel distracted or discouraged from not meeting your weekly goals, you can recover and start again!

To be eligible this week, all you must do is do better than last week! How will we know? We will look at mileage entered this upcoming week: Wednesday, November 24th – Tuesday, November 30th, 2021. 

If you improve your mileage from the previous week: Wednesday, November 17th – Tuesday, November 23rd, you will be entered into the raffle. In the next newsletter, we will share the 10 randomly selected winners of a $10 dollar gift card to Amazon. Mileage must be submitted by Tuesday November 30th by 11:59 PM to be entered!

WAT! Adult – Wrap Up Mini Challenge #4: Once you complete the WAT! Adult program, and submit final mileage, there is one last step to close out the program! The wrap-up form helps us to understand the effectiveness of the program and where we might need to make improvements!  

To be entered, submit the WAT! Adult program wrap-up form in your Howdy Health account and you will be eligible for 5 randomly selected winners of a $10 dollar gift card to Amazon for each of our remaining WAT! 25 Challenge WALK newsletters! Thank you for helping us tell our story and share in your successes!  

 WAT! Youth – November Mini Challenge - *Final Week*: We are in the last week of the monthly recognition for November called the Texas Youth on the Move awards. To enter for the month of November, WAT! Youth teams must log mileage from November 1st through November 30th. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: Schools, Youth Organizations and Small Group teams (20 team members or less). Team captains will receive an Amazon gift card to use in support of their youth program through a random drawing. The third round of winners will be recognized in the Wednesday, December 1st newsletter. Teams must register to join the WAT! 25 Challenge – WAT! Youth program, and log mileage, by Tuesday, November 30th by 11:59 PM to be entered.

L – Learn:

Sometimes we need to change our activity patterns to stay motivated. If we keep doing the same activity or taking the same route, we can become bored and disinterested in our physical activity. Instead, make exercise work for you. In this article, the American Cancer Society (ACS) emphasizes the importance of enjoying the activities you choose so you won’t get bored or think of physical activity as a chore. To help you choose the activity that’s right for you, the ACS recommends asking yourself these questions and provides suggestions based on your answers:

  • Do you like to be social, or would you prefer time to yourself? 
  • Do you need to get energized or wind down? 
  • Are you goal-oriented, or do you like to stay flexible? 
  • Do you want to get away from it all or get involved? 

WAT! Youth Tip: As you are wrapping up the WAT! 25 Challenge – WAT! Youth program, remember to recognize your youth leagues! Simple campus shout-out recognitions on social media or announcements can make all the difference in making your students feel great!

K – Keep It Up

With this week kicking off the holiday season, we encourage you to continue regular physical activity throughout the holidays. Physical activity plays a key role in many health outcomes, including risk factors for disease, such as overweight or obesity, hypertension, and high blood cholesterol. 

So, make a commitment to yourself and your health to maintain your current weight throughout the holiday season! One way Extension can offer additional support would be to take up the “Maintain No Gain” challenge. The “Maintain No Gain” challenge is a six-week challenge to maintain your pre-holiday weight or gain no more than 2 pounds during the holiday season.

Each week has a unique lesson of the following topics: 

  1. Welcome and Personal Calorie Goals 
  2. General Nutrition and Weight Control 
  3. Stay Active During a Busy Holiday Season 
  4. Stress and Emotional Eating 
  5. Staying Healthy while Socializing 
  6. Social Support and Weight Maintenance 

Here are a couple of tips to follow during the holidays: 

  • Eat slowly because your body needs time to realize you are full. 
  • Eat mindfully, and really think about the color, smell, taste, and texture of what you’re eating so that you can truly savor your food. 
  • Stop eating when you feel slightly full. You don’t have to eat everything on your plate. 
  • Don’t skip meals on the day of a big party, where you know you’ll eat more. Just eat a smaller portion. 
  • Watch your alcohol intake and follow the recommended guideline of one drink per day for women and two per day for men. Drink water or sparkling water with a splash of juice. 
  • Keep track of what you’re eating with a food journal. Research shows that those who keep a record of meals between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day lose weight instead of gaining it. 

Contact your local Extension Agent to find a series near you!

Once again, we wish you and yours a safe and fulfilled Thanksgiving!

WALK Newsletter #10 – November 17th, 2021

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