WALK Newsletter #13 – December 8th, 2021

W – Wow: WAT! 25 Challenge Participation Update

We are coming to the home stretch for our #WAT25 adventure! Since September 1st, we have been celebrating the 25th anniversary of WAT! by highlighting the evolution of the program. In this next to the last newsletter for 2021, we want to tell you about where we are going. We are committed to continuallyimproving the program so that it meets the needs of participants while remaining steadfast in the recommendations of research. The amazing thing about research is that, in our relentless pursuit of knowledge, we are always learning new, often surprising, information about how the human body responds to physical activity. The research so far has told us that WAT! is effectiveIt works! But, just like any behaviorally based program, it only works when action is taken. Fortunately, the anecdotal evidence – the stories we have heard – also tell us that WAT! has value in helping people feel good about physical activity. Although feeling good about it may not mean that it makes a measurable difference rightnow, it does have the potential to make big differences in the future as attitudes change.

A few things to look for with WAT! in 2022 and beyond

  • Technology improvements: We have super talented web designers who can do some amazing things, all while balancing other Extension programs. We do not have unlimited funds, but we do have limitless innovation and will do the absolute best we can to enhance the enjoyment of the website with new interactive features. 
  • Social media presence: We have great social media pages that provide consistent and reliable information and well as informative posts to help keep you on track: literally and figuratively! Check out our Facebookand Twitter accounts! 
  • Statewide challenges: We are planning a Walk Through Texas History program statewide challenge in March 2022 in support of Texas History month! Stay connected so that you do not miss any upcoming opportunity. 
  • Local programs: Every county has a local Extension office with knowledgeable people available to help you with a variety of programs to help Texans thrive! We know your local agents would love to hear from you and would do the best they can to help serve the needs you have to improve your overall health and wellbeing through education. 

Here are our current grand totals: 750,443.82 miles with 4,650 participants on 787 teams103 leagues103 counties in the WAT! Adult program AND 76,332.24 miles with 4,818 participants on 119 teams25 leagues37 counties in the WAT! Youth program!

Congratulations to the winners of the random drawing from those who submitted some great comments and feedback about the WAT! Adult program...

WAT! Adult – Mini Challenge #12 Winners



Team Name


Kelly R.

Wandering Wildlanders


Cortney D.



Laura J.



Marishika W.

Charlie's Ankles


Tara T.

We Have Harte!2


Linda F.

NW Walking Bexars


Edith A. M.

Road Warriors


Cheryl B.

wnJ Walkers


Krystl P.

Wild Garden Gals


Tina H.


And congratulations to the winners of the raffle drawing for the wrap up mini challenge this past week:

WAT! Adult – Wrap Up #5 Winners



Team Name


Alyson C.

Rancho Carne Toros


Carolyn M.

HARTA Team 3


Chad D.


San Patricio

Karen H.

Krebs Krewe


Judy F.

TCOG Sole Sisters

All Winners – be on the lookout for an email about how to claim your prize! 

Be sure to check out our previous newsletters to see if you or a team member have won: https://walkacrosstexas.org/news

A - Action: Mini Challenge #13

We are nearing the end of our mini challenges for the WAT! 25 Challenge. We’ve had a blast offering prizes over the past few months, but this will be our second to last one! 

WAT! Adult – Mini Challenge #13: The mini challenge this week will be a nod to our first mini challenge, which recognized those who have registered to participate. Our thirteenth mini challenge will recognize those who have entered mileage. All entries will be included in a drawing for a $10 dollar gift card to Amazon. To be eligible for the drawing, participants must be registered in the WAT! 25 Challenge – WAT! Adult program and have at least one mileage entry by Tuesday, December 14th by 11:59 PM to be entered.  

WAT! Adult – Wrap Up Mini Challenge #6: Once you complete the WAT! Adult program, and submit final mileage, there is one last step to close out the program! The wrap-up form helps us to understand the effectiveness of the program and where we might need to make improvements! 

To be entered, submit the WAT! Adult program wrap-up form in your Howdy Health account and you will be eligible for 5 randomly selected winners of a $10 dollar gift card to Amazon for each of our remaining WAT! 25 Challenge WALK newsletters! Thank you for helping us tell our story and share your successes! 

WAT! Youth – December Mini Challenge: This is our last monthly recognition called the Texas Youth on the Moveawards. To enter for the month of December, WAT! Youth teams must log mileage from December 1st through December 31st. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: Schools, Youth Organizations and Small Group teams (20 team members or less). Team captains will receive an Amazon gift card to use in support of their youth program through a random drawing. The final round of winners will be recognized in the final WAT! 25 Challenge newsletter on January 12th, 2022. Teams must register to join the WAT! 25 Challenge – WAT! Youth program, and log mileage, by Friday, December 31st by 11:59 PM to be entered.

L – Learn

Now that you’ve been on your walking journey for a while, we want to make sure you keep going. Did you know you can always sign up to participate in the Walk Across Texas! program? Once you’ve completed your wrap-up form, your Howdy Health account will be reset, and you can sign up again. Whether you want to keep walking, or try something new, we want you to enjoy your active journey and keep your newly formed or ongoing habit. So, we’re sharing these 30 Fun Ways to Get 30 Minutes of Physical activity Today from Queensland Health. Though there are some ideas that might be specific to Queensland locations, most of these ideas can be used anywhere, and there are so many creative ideas here that we couldn’t resist sharing.

So, get out and go for a walk, take up orienteering, geocaching, or some other physically active game, grab a jump rope and see how many types of jumping you can learn, take up paddle boarding or kayaking, try boxercise or some other new-to-you exercise or sport, or go old school with active game night – think Twister, charades, sack races, spoon races, wheel-barrow races, etc. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your creative activity. Where will your activity take you next? We hope it takes you across Texas and beyond!

K – Keep Connecting!

We are coming to the end of this #WAT25 challenge. There will never be another 25th anniversary like this, but there are many, many programs Extension offers to help improve the health and wellness of every Texan. We hope you will keep connecting with us in person or online. Also, we hope you help us and share the resources Extension has to offer with your friends and family. Most importantly, we hope you will keep connecting with your own wellness and learning ways to improve your health. 

In good health,

The #WAT25 team 

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