WALK Newsletter #7 – October 27th, 2021

W – Wow: WAT! 25 Challenge Participation Update

Staggering! That is one thing we could say about the WAT! 25 Challenge! The number of participants and teams that have joined us since September 1st has been astonishing! To date, we have 4,474 participants on 761 teams, with 97 leagues, and 98 counties participating in the WAT! Adult program with a total of 436,432.83 miles! And in the WAT! Youth program there are 3,929 participants, 97 teams, with 21 leagues and 26 counties with a total of 25,117.55 miles! Very impressive!

Also, the WAT! 25 Challenge is staggering because not every team starts and ends at the same time, so... yeah, literally staggered. Leagues and teams started on the date that worked best for them. This means that teams that started on September 1st are about to finish their 8 weeks; teams that started closer to the end of September are getting to the midway point; and teams that started in October are just getting warmed up! Regardless of when you started, the goal is the same: 832 miles in 8 weeks among a team of up to 8! This is one of the things that makes WAT! work for you and your neighbors. It is not a race, but a friendly competition inspiring you to do your absolute best!

 Do you want to know what else is impressive? In 2006, the WAT! program was recognized by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a Best Practice Physical Activity Program. In 2011 WAT! was selected as a program for the Texas Grow! Eat! GO! intervention study that became the Learn! Grow! Eat! And GO! curriculum used in schools nationwide. And, in 2020, a WAT! journal article was published in BMC Public Health, whichconfirmed the effectiveness of the WAT! Program in a diverse group of participants. You are in good company!

Congratulations to the winners of the random drawing from those who improved their mileage from one week to the next...

WAT! Adult – Mini Challenge #6 Winners


Team Name

Mileage Percent Change

Janet K.



Dawn M.

HARTA Team #1


Valerie S.



Elizabeth G.



Yolanda H.

Travis Tornadoes


Kim K.

Fall Walkers


Donna S.

Energetic Educators


Patricia P.



Rosie S.

Are We There Yet?


Pete M.

Para Lonjas


Winners – be on the lookout for an email about how to claim your prize! 

Overall, there were 668 participants who improved their mileage over the past two weeks! For those that have entered mileage in the WAT! Adult program, nearly 20% of the WAT! 25 Challenge participants did better than they did the week before...kudos to everyone who moved your way this past week! Didn’t make it this time? That’s okay, this week is a fresh start to improve!  

A - Action: Mini Challenge #7

 WAT! Adult – Mini Challenge #7: For our seventh mini-challenge, we want you to brag about your awesome team members! Your submission will enter you (nominator) and the nominee in a drawing for a $10 dollar gift card each to Amazon. To be eligible for the drawing, both participants must be registered in the WAT! 25 Challenge – WAT! Adult program.

Here is the link to submit: WAT! 25 Challenge – Mini – Challenge #7

The submission must be received by Tuesday, November 2nd by 11:59 PM to be entered 

 WAT! Youth – October Mini Challenge: Welcome to the second round of the monthly recognition called the Texas Youth on the Move awards. To enter for the month of October, WAT! Youth teams must log mileage from October 1st through October 31st. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: Schools, Youth Organizations and Small Group teams (20 team members or less). Team captains will receive an Amazon gift card to use in support of their youth program through a random drawing. The second round of winners will be recognized in the Wednesday, November 3rd newsletter. Teams must register to join the WAT! 25 Challenge – WAT! Youth program, and log mileage, by Sunday, October 31st by 11:59 PM to be entered.

L – Learn:

Walking is one of the most versatile activities you can do because you can do it almost anytime and anywhere. Like to move as soon as your feet hit the floor? Is lunchtime the only break in your busy day? Is working out after work your idea of happy hour? Here are some great ideas from the American Heart Association that will help you get your walk in whether you prefer morning, noon, or evening activity. Whatever time of day you choose, try these tips to help you succeed: Fit in Walking: Morning, Noon or Night.

WAT! Youth Tip: Many students learn by doing so why not aim to increase physical activity and learn by doing at the same time? Here’s an idea: sidewalk chalk or a number/letter mat can be used for the students as they answer questions by jumping on the appropriate number or letters.

Check out our WAT! program Teacher Lesson Plans for more great tips & ideas! 

 K – Keep Knowing and Growing! 

 We mentioned that in 2011 WAT! was selected as a program of what became known as the Learn! Grow! Eat! And GO! (LGEG) Curriculum. That curriculum was proven effective though rigorous research and is used in classrooms across the country today. LGEG grows good kids through an interdisciplinary program combining academic achievement, gardening, nutrient-dense food experiences, physical activity, and school & family engagement. LGEG was developed for elementary aged kids. A curriculum for early childhood students has recently been released. LGEG is part of the Junior Master Gardener (JMG) program. JMG is all about growing good kids by igniting a passion for learning, success, and service through a unique gardening education. 

The 2022 National JMG Leader Training is scheduled for February 21 – 23, 2022 at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Find out more at: https://jmgkids.us/

JMG and LGEG are more examples of the excellent programs offered by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

See you next week!

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