WAT! Adult - College Edition WALK Newsletter #6 – April 11th, 2022

W – WOW: College Edition Update

We are coming to the home stretch for our WAT! Adult program – College Edition adventure! In this next to the last newsletter, we want to tell you about where we are going. We are committed to continually improving the program so that it meets the needs of participants while remaining steadfast in the recommendations of research. The amazing thing about research is that, in our relentless pursuit of knowledge, we are always learning new, often surprising, information about how the human body responds to physical activity. The research so far has told us that WAT! is effective. It works! But, just like any behavior based program, it only works when action is taken. Fortunately, the anecdotal evidence – the stories we have heard – also tell us that WAT! has value in helping people feel good about physical activity. Although feeling good about it may not mean that it makes a measurable difference right now, it does have the potential to make big differences in the future as attitudes change.

Again, this week, we ask that you take a minute or two to complete the Qualtrics survey below to help us out:

WAT! Adult – College Edition – Participant Survey

If you took it last week, you do not need to complete again. You are still entered into the prize drawing of a special Walk Across Texas! t-shirt! 

WAT TShirt Giveaway

Another way to help us out will be to complete your WAT! Adult program wrap-up form in your Howdy Health account. To find, access your WAT! Adult program dashboard and click the maroon button. Here is an example screenshot: 


Everyone who completes a wrap-up form by the deadline will also be entered into a prize drawing for a Walk Across Texas! t-shirt! 

The submissions must be received by April 18th by 11:59 PM to be entered. We will announce the winners in the final WALK newsletter scheduled for April 19th, 2022. 

A – Action

Here are upcoming selected events from April 11th – 18th

The Local @ Lake Walk – In-Person – Tuesday (04/12) from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Click the link for more info

Grocery Store Tour: Sorting Through Diet Trends – In-Person – Wednesday (04/13) from 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM – Click the link to register

Grocery Store Tour: Sorting Through Diet Trends – In-Person – Thursday (04/14) from 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM – Click the link to register

L – Leaderboard

As a league, we are almost at 19,000 total miles! Here is the current team leaderboard:

Team Name


Total Miles

keep on truckin

Kirstin Brekken Shea


Red Hot Chili Steppers

Rhonda Faust


Walking 9-5

Reagan Scott


Better Late Than Never!



Threat Level Midnight

Mike Lopez


Maroon & White Interns Fight!

Gabby Sells


The Wolf Pack

Oscar Lopez


Nerd Herd

Elyssa Garza


Roadrunners - Mind over Miles

Tanya Baker


Innovation Partners

Beth Deuermeyer


Helen's Team

Helen Hunter


Not Today Heifer 

Lacey Richards


gigem oompaloompas

Alanna Layton


Christland Friends

Jasmine Tran


Worst Pace Scenario 

Russell Pecina



Mary Bryk


aggie baddies

Amrita Gabu


Lily's Team

Lily Long


Lets Walk!

Ayesha Nagaria


Scrambled Legs

Sarah Rodriguez


Walk This Way

Chrissi Erwin



Nancy Christian


Saw Em Off

Bailey Blair



Paige Phan



Carrie Frederiksen


Super Steppers 

Carly Teichman


urpn 370 baddies

julianne lowy


Red Hot Chilli Steppers

Reese Errington


The Walkers

Juan Jimenez


Office Heroes

Elizabeth Requenez



Mallory Mee


Walkie Talkies

Franchesca Esquivel


Walking with Purpose

Bryan Lara



Madison Edgar


Aggie Life 

Kaed Goodrick


Lindsie’s Team

Lindsie Darvin



Maggie Pape


Walk for the Win

Sarah Voon


*Mileage as of Sunday, April 10th at 11:59 PM

K – Knowledge – Being Cost – Conscious 

Going to college is an awesome experience, but a few money tips can help college students get more for their money. Experts agree that careful planning and wise spending can stretch the bucks.

1. Budget your money to last. Know what you can spend and know when you’ve spent too much. For some college students, budgeting is a first-ever experience. It may sound hard, but it is not impossible. Keep records of what you spend and compare your spending to what you planned to spend. Set a little money aside for emergencies.

2. Be price sensitive. Comparison shop to save money. Know the community and what it has to offer. Check Consumer Reports for product or service comparisons and recommendations: www.consumerreports.org 

3. Use a debit card (check card) instead of a credit card to keep you from overspending. But don’t forget to track what you spend.

4. If you have subscribed to a full or partial meal plan at school, use it. Don’t leave money on the table by not using what you’ve paid for. The average cost per meal on your meal plan is likely to be less than what you would spend “eating out”, but only if you use it. 

5. Like the previous topic mentions, be careful about how much money you spend eating out. Remember that beverages can really add to your cost - in fact, they may be the most expensive part of a fast-food meal. Get into the habit of ordering regular tap water with ice and lemon/lime to accompany your meal and you will save a lot of money in the long run.

6. Beware of “sales”. There’s no savings if you buy things you would not have purchased unless on sale!

7. Watch the cell phone use. Do you really know what your plan is costing? Text-messaging and data rates can increase your costs, so be sure to select a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

8. Staying connected. In college, computer “connectivity” is important. If you are living in a dormitory, high-speed internet may be included in your total cost. If you live off-campus, consider your options; some apartment complexes may offer wireless or high-speed connections.

9. Buy or rent used textbooks if they fit your textbook requirements. Sell them at the end of the semester if you do not care to keep them for reference or to begin to build your professional library.

10. Get information from your financial aid office even if you do not have a student loan. The offices usually stock information on budgeting, economizing, and managing credit.

11. Pay your credit card in full every month. Don’t charge everything. Set rules for yourself. People who use their credit card for “everything” tend to spend more money and often it is money that they do not have. 

12. Be wary of credit card solicitations. You only need one credit card. Some will give you gifts or other premiums. Too much open credit damages your credit history. Comparison shop for a credit card if you don’t presently have one. They are not all the same. Look for a low APR, no annual fees and low/no extra fees and charges. Pay special attention to how your interest rate will change if you are late in making a payment. Pay credit card bills on time to avoid late fees - paying online may speed up payments.

13. Avoid identity fraud by being careful with your personal financial records and numbers. Avoid losing your personal belongings. Keep vital information away from prying eyes. Get a free copy of your credit report at the official website: www.annualcreditreport.com. Beware of imposter websites when requesting a copy of your credit report.

14. Avoid racking up extra costs needlessly. Various late fees cost money. Traffic violations and parking tickets cost money, too, and damage your record. Remember that hourly and daily fees to park in some convenient campus facilities cost much more than contract parking or other available student parking. Plan for the extra time it may take to save on parking. Or use the Aggie Spirit bus service!

15. Weigh the costs and benefits of employment while you are going to school. Working more hours may provide more money but can increase the number of years (and the cost) of going to school. On the other hand, working can provide you with valuable experience related to your interests, major or future profession.

Adapted from 15 Money Tips for College Students - Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Publication

Here are a few additional resources: 

Budgeting: The Basics and Beyond for College Students – University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

How to Ride Guide – Texas A&M University Transportation Services

10 Ways to Save Time and Money at the Grocery Store – The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Smart About Money – National Endowment for Financial Education 


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