Week 4 Topic: Staying Motivated

You are almost halfway there! Let us reflect on the past 3 weeks. What are some things you have learned about yourself? What are some areas you wish to improve? Self-reflection gives you a chance to modify your goals by either increasing your daily exercise time or adjust your goals, so they are attainable. The most important thing to remember is that this is a marathon, not a sprint. If you feel discouraged or guilty for not meeting your weekly goals, you can recover and start again!

Physical Activity Tips:

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated this week!
  • Do not let guilt bring you down! If you have missed a couple of days, accept that there will be setbacks. Start again, and do not give up!
  • Use your support team as a cheering team!
  • If you cannot complete a longer workout, break up your activity into mini sessions!
  • Acknowledge your gains and triumphs
  • Stick to your favorite physical activities or play your favorite music
Healthy Eating Tips:

Whole grains can reduce the risks of heart disease, weight gain, and constipation. Here are some ideas for incorporating more whole grains into your diet:
  • Use 100% whole wheat bread on sandwiches.
  • Substitute whole wheat flour in place of all‐purpose white flour.
  • Add brown rice to recipes instead of white rice (or try half and half!).
  • Eat hot oatmeal for breakfast.
Week 4 Goal:

Our goal for this week will be to make Week 4 our best week yet! Check out Ace Fitness for additional motivational tips to stay active!
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