Week 5 Topic: Mindful Living

Is your mind constantly wandering? Do you have a hard time concentrating? Are your thoughts and experiences clouding your judgement? 

Mindfulness meditation practice may help wandering minds to focus and fully experience the present moment—all by applying nonjudgmental thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Mindfulness is a way of living and a method intended to pave the path for a complete awakening. 

Below are a few basic tips to get you started with Mindful Living!

Physical Activity Tips: 

Practicing mindfulness could help eliminate issues or thoughts that often act as barriers to an active and healthier life. Being mindful about being active means that we use the awareness of our body and thoughts to engage in enjoyable, safe and beneficial physical activity.

Here are tips for this week: 

  • Take a moment to assess your body for pain and aches, and adjust your activity goals, if needed.
  • Remember that physical activity is self-care. 
  • Use proper posture during exercise and everyday activities to prevent injury.
  • Focus your attention on your movement or your breathing pattern.

Healthy Eating Tips: 

Mindful Eating can be described as making intentional choices of what and how much we are eating; and being aware of what is motivating us to eat. 

Here are tips for this week:

  • Determine motivation behind eating…sometimes environment and emotions suggest we eat when we aren’t hungry.
  • Before tasting, observe your food with all your senses
  • Eat slowly and without distraction

Week 5 Goal: 

Our goal for this week will be to review the above tips and try to apply some of the strategies with mindful living. This upcoming week try to connect with your WAT! Adult – Diabetes Edition team members. Also, allow yourself some personal time to reflect. If time permits, unplug from social media and technology. Go outdoors to connect with nature and get some fresh air.

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