Week 6 Topic: Turn Excuses into Solutions 

Beginning a new activity can be easy, but continuing that activity is the hard part. It’s easy to lose motivation, especially when we are met with barriers that may impact our ability to do more physical activity. 

Below are a few basic tips and suggestions to turn excuses into solutions!

Physical Activity Tips

Here are some strategies that might help get you started with a new physical activity: 

  • Choose an activity that you enjoy and like – Move Your Way
  • Reach out to your support group for encouragement 
  • Seek instruction on how to perform an activity properly
  • Practice and rehearse the activity 
  • Increase your efforts gradually 
  • Take a break, if needed
  • Track your activities to achieve the results you want 
  • Celebrate your successes, you’ve done a great thing! 

Healthy Eating Tips 

Healthy eating plans are important to living well and overcoming challenges to managing diabetes. Use these resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with your support group, to create one!

Week 6 Goal: 

Our goal for this week will be to try something new…try a new activity or find a new place to be active. Spicing up your normal routine may provide the needed motivation to kick the repetitiveness of your activity. 

Don’t let a barrier prevent you from reaching your goals this week. If you have a plan of what you hope to accomplish, remind and reward yourself for overcoming these difficulties. 

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