Week 7 Topic: Family Fun

There are a lot of stressors and events that impact the amount of time we have.  You have learned that physical activity and healthy eating are key components to help reduce the risks of complications when living with diabetes.  Find fun ways to involve family as your support team to improve family health.  Plan activities that will help you in your journey towards better diabetes management practices.

Here are some family fun activities and ideas to do at home: 

Physical Activity Tips

Involve your family to plan activities together and have fun!!! Put them on the calendar. This builds family support and relationships. Become an activity team. 

  • Spend time outdoors by taking a walk, riding a bike or playing some games
  • Plant a garden that will help keep you active and provide healthy foods
  • Have a dance off after dinner using a variety of music styles and moves

Healthy Eating Tips

Plan and schedule mealtimes with your family.  Get in the kitchen and cook healthy meals together. Let everyone join in to help. This will build important cooking skills and form healthier eating habits for everyone.  It is also a good time for communicating with each other in a more relaxed setting.

  • Assign preparation tasks or cooking teams
  • Commit to try a new vegetable together
  • Pose fun questions that will open communication while you cook and eat
  • Take time to focus on each other through healthy mealtimes

Week 7 Goal: 

With everyone’s busy schedules, spending time with your family is getting harder and harder. Our goal for this week will be to select one of the above activities that will involve family members! Remember, time together can build and create fun memories!  

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