Week 8 Topic: Being Your True (Best) Self

How can we be our true (best) self?  Think about what you want.  If you want to improve self-management for living with diabetes, consider the lessons and tips you have learned and find ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle.  It is not easy to do, and it will not happen overnight.  You will not be “perfect” while working to make these changes each day, but it is worth it to keep trying.  Do not give up!  Every day is a new day to begin with a fresh start.  It takes small positive steps, over time, to include new habits that lead to a healthier you. Set goals and take steps to reach them.

Physical Activity Tips

Over the past eight weeks, you and your team have been on a virtual journey to walk across Texas. Hopefully, your team has reached this goal or made progress towards it. If you did not quite get the 832 miles walked, you still have time! Either way, you have still made positive changes in your activity habits and that is worth celebrating! Here are some tips to help you keep going:

  • Keep setting weekly activity goals, and make sure to schedule and monitor them during the week
  • Stay in touch with your support team and encourage each other to keep moving
  • Make physical activity fun by finding new ways to move and ask people to support you

Healthy Eating Tips

Throughout this eight-week journey, you have also learned new tips and ideas for healthier eating. Planning meals in advance and having ingredients on hand will help reduce the stress of what to eat at your next meal. This also helps from overeating or eating foods that do not fit your meal plan.

  • Plan meals with your family and have those ingredients on hand
  • Read food labels to know what is in your foods, for portion sizes, and for carbohydrate choices
  • Try new healthy foods and recipes

Week 8 Goal: 

You have made great progress over these past several weeks! Please continue to think about planning physical activity and healthy eating goals each week to keep yourself on track. You can do this! 

Set yourself one more goal for the program, do you have one in mind? 

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